Our Vision

Over the next 30 years, we want to plant a church in every neighborhood of Miami-Dade County. We truly believe that Jesus offers hope that can transform lives, and if we can transform lives, we can transform our neighborhoods, and eventually our city. From the beginning, we have set out to help people find and follow Jesus. Whether you are searching for something that will change your life, or you’ve already said “yes” to Jesus and want a place to grow, Miami Church welcomes people on every step of the journey.


When someone decides to follow Jesus with his or her whole life, we love to celebrate that in water baptism. This is a way for them to tell everyone that they are all in for Jesus! If you are interested in more information regarding baptism, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Neighborhood Teams

Miami is made up of so many unique neighborhoods, and we believe that Jesus can bring hope to every neighborhood of our great city. We gather in smaller groups called Neighborhood Teams throughout the week to share a meal together, have a conversation about God & the Bible, and encourage each other as we spread the good news to our neighbors.

Where are We?

2150 South Dixie Hwy, Miami FL, 33133