When it comes to church, there can be a lot of different expectations.
Here’s what to expect at Miami Church on Sunday mornings.

1. Hello

When you pull into the Mayfair parking garage, you can expect to be greeted by one of the Nicest People Ever in a bright Miami Church T-shirt. Our team will guide you to the front door, where you can check your children into Miami Kids, grab a cup of coffee, and find a seat in the gathering.

2. Miami Kids

If you have children ages 0-8, you can check them in at the counter just outside the entrance. Children ages 0-5 will be escorted by our Miami Kids team to their fun, exciting area for the entirety of the gathering, while children ages 6-8 sit in the first 20 minutes of the gathering with their families. At that point, they will be dismissed to Miami Kids. Every Sunday, our background-checked volunteers lead crafts, activities, and an interactive Bible lesson. Our goal is to help kids find and follow Jesus in a safe, fun environment.

3. Gathering

Once you’ve dropped off your kids, feel free to grab a cup of coffee or head to the restroom before you enter the gathering space. Our Nicest People Ever will usher you to your seat, where you can expect a 70-minute experience based around the teachings of the Bible.

4. Free Gift

If this is your first time with us at Miami Church, we want to thank you for coming! Just for simply showing up, you will receive a custom Miami Church Nalgene water bottle. To pick up your Nalgene, head to the Connect Point at the back of the room after the gathering.

5. Connect Point

We’re not in a hurry to leave on Sundays, so feel free to stick around and meet some of the great people who call Miami Church home. If you would like to be prayed for or talk to someone about following Jesus, you can do that at Connect Point as well. This is also where you can get your parking ticket validated for free after the gathering. See you next Sunday!